Friday, 10 January 2014

New Year, Drink Beer, Have Cheer, No Fear, Kill Deer, Turn Queer, Shed Tear, Stay Clear.

Hey ya'll.

Happy new year ya druggo's!!

As lame as it sounds, I'm gonna take this opportunity to quickly reflect on the events towards the end of last year and look forward to what 2014 holds in it's powerful, trembling hands.

I suppose the most notable and exciting thing to happen in the back end of the year was that we (finally) released our album, Pools. It was a long time coming and we're all super chuffed to have it out there and to be floggin it at our shows. We did album launch shows in Sydney and Melbs, which were both really great, so thanks to all ya'll that came out to support us. Big ups to Narrow Lands and No Art, who played with us in Sydney, and to Heads of Charm, ESC, and Strangers From Now On who played with us in Melbs. They're all bloody great bands and we were blown away at both shows by how much better they all were than us. Quality shit ladies and gents.

So 2013 was a damn fine year for us, full of good times and belly laughs. And 2014 is set to be no different... For starters we're getting the year off on the right foot with a couple of awesome festivals. The first being Fish Fest put on by our buddies Spewborg and Frizz, which is set to destroy the Northern Beaches on the 18th of Jan. So get yourself a ticket and come get fishy with us!

The other festival is of course Bad Day Out, put on by Morgs and Sam at the Petersham Bowlo on Australia Day. This is set to be a bloody doozey of a day, with a fair dinkum grouse line-up of Aussie bands. It's probably the most Australian thing you can do without being even remotely patriotic... with no bare chested, southern cross tattooed, Australian flag toting douche bags in sight. So get yourself a god damn ticket and sink some piss with us at the Petersham Bowlo on fucking Australia Day. Check the links below ya'll...

We're also planning to start demoing for our next album soon, so 2014 will hopefully give birth to a new Zeahorse record. But while we slowly push that snarling beast our of 2014's supple vagina, we're also planning to do some touring (with some potential overseas touring too). So we'll keep you in the loop as to all those goings on throughout the year. And that's enough from me, so I hope to see you soon and have a great fucking year!

Throwing you many festive shakas,

Love Zeahorse xx

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