Tuesday, 3 February 2015

USA Tour: Part 2

And the saga continues...

During our two week stint in LA we had a couple of quick little side trips - one out east into Arizona and one down south to San Diego. The first of the two was for a gig in Tucson. But we had a gig back in Long Beach (LA) booked for the following night... so it turned out to be a brutal one night road trip across the dessert.

                      Cactus rule.

                      Two 8-hour days on the road with gigs each night will make any man turn feral.

We played at a place called Solar Culture in downtown Tucson, a really cool venue/art space. And at the end of the night Steve, the old tripper who owned the joint, showed us his psychedelic palace next door, complete with multiple tripping caves. Which were hand-built mind you.

    Trip Cave 1

    Trip Cave 2

I can't remember his exact words, but he said something along the lines of, "Yeah, we eat our cactus and then crawl into one of the tripping rooms and play didgeridoo". I couldn't quite tell if he was serious, or if he was trying to make an Australian joke... he was pretty stoned at the time.

The second side mission out of LA was for a gig in San Diego. This little trip is worth a mention because San Diego was where we had the best burger of the whole trip. And we ate a LOT of burgers, so this was something pretty special. Shout out to the Snack Shack for their out of control Triple Threat Pork Burger. Good lord, I'm getting wet just thinking about it (in my mouth, ya sicko).

Oh and we played an awesome show while we were there too... although apparently we were plan B for that Tuesday night in San Diego.

                                     Surprised they even knew we were coming to town really.

So after a couple of weeks in the LA heat, we were pretty keen to get out of the city and get on the road northwards. First stop was San Francisco. We had a couple of days to spend in San Fran so we did a bunch of touristy shit like go to Pier 39, look at the seals, eat clam chowder, gaze over at Alcatraz, and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.


Also hit a pretty bangin park which had a butt load of squirrels in it, which to us was an amazing novelty. Cute little bastards, gotta be up there as the most loveable rodent.

    "Nature wank anyone?"

Had a great gig in San Fran too at an awesome venue called Thee Parkside. Played with a local band Blood Sister, who turned out to be one of my favourite for the whole tour. Well worth checking them out.

And that's enough for now, next post we will continue up the coast to the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Thanks for reading ya'll. Hope you're having a banger.

Love Zeahorse xx

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