Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Hi Everybody! 

Sydney band, DRILL was a four piece that formed in 1992. 

They have an experimental mixture of sounds but are intense and 
abrasive to say the least!! 
 After 6 months of playing in and around Sydney, they toured Melbourne 
on the back of a Zen Studios compilation "The Gospel According to St 
 It wasn't long before they started making a name for themselves with 
their heavily distorted sounds and theatrics. 
 In 1993 they released a limited edition 7" titled "Ballman" which quickly 
sold out. 
 In 1995 they released the E.P "Spin Dry the Adjudicator", making it to 
number 5 in the Red Eye Charts. They heavily toured for the E.P and 
featured at Sydney’s Metro for a Eddie Magazine Launch.

In 2012 Drill has reformed and will penetrate the tinnitus of 
unsuspecting punters.


Tomorrow night.
If you were to miss this show you'd be a right twat.


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