Thursday, 15 November 2012

Gig Tomorrow! PLUS we've finished the new album!!

Hey everyone!

So our new album is finally finished!!!!!! We recently finished  mixing and mastering and it's sounding great, we're really happy with it. It still wont be ready for release until early next year, we're hoping around February 2013, but the good news is that we're gonna cut it to vinyl - so it'll be worth the wait! I've posted a few photos from the recording so you can get a feel for where the album was made - what a beautiful place to make a record. It was recorded in Whitey's house (mainly in the lounge room) by Steve Law on the magical North Coast (the Channon area).

In the meantime we've got a song off the record, Tugboat, on FBI radio which is getting played every now and then, so keep an ear out for that one (it's also on bandcamp - check it out). We'll have another one out on radio and online soon.

And we've got a gig TOMORROW NIGHT (Nov 17th) at the Gaelic Club!! So come along if you can - yes i'm leaving, corpus and bad jeep are also playing so it's gonna be an awesome night of sweet Sydney music. We're also gonna have some zeahorse t-shirts for sale (check the picture).

Keep it real and we'll see you tomorrow night!

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