Monday, 15 July 2013

Tales From The Last Few Months

It’s been a loooooong time since we’ve done a post and since it’s been a great few months with a bunch of awesome shows and some generally cool stuff happening, we thought it was about damn time.

In March we played with The Mark Of Cain and Blacklevel Embassy at the Metro. It’d been a while since we’d played in a big venue like that, so it was awesome to be able to pump our amps and brutalize everyone without feeling like assholes. Plus the Mark Of Cain are old school veterans so it was sweet to play with those guys.

Then in May were we back at the Metro but this time with Jello Biafra!!! Twas quite the honour. And to make it even more amazing, the Hard-Ons were on the bill too!!! Damn, what a gig – a proper punk rock show and probably the most entertaining show I’ve seen… ever! Just picture your Dad crowd surfing (it was a pretty old crowd), getting up on stage and dancing around like a turkey before swiftly being pushed back into the crowd by a large bald-headed man and disappearing into a black hole of people below (taking out a few punters on the way) cause no one really caught them... that's what it was like, over and over again. Hilarious.

We also recently scored a couple of gigs with the Black Angels in Brisbane and Sydney, which was a really cool experience too. It was also with our pals the Laurels, so it was good times all round.

We’ve also been working on a video for our song 'Pool', which will be on our new album, with our friend Jack Shanahan. I won’t give too much away cause it’ll be out soon, but let’s just say it involves a coffin and a not so dead guy. A special mention has to go to our pal Drew for his hard work behind the scenes for this video (and also for all the gear he always lends us). One of the greatest dudes of all time.

In other news, HUB (the label) has recently jumped on board to help us release our album, which has been really great and exciting for us. It’s been awesome working with them; they’ve been a really good driving force and it’s going to make a big difference come album release time - so a special thanks goes out to Troy and Jaclyn.

Speaking of the album release, it’s now looking like late September, early October. We know it’s been a long time coming, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. We’ll being doing a tour around then too, so get excited!!!!

Love ZEAHORSE xoxo

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