Thursday, 7 August 2014


So as most of you have probably already noticed, we’ve been flogging our pozible campaign like there’s no tomorrow…

But that’s mainly because we’re f**king touring AMERICA!! And we couldn’t be more excited. So before I give the pozible campaign another shameless plug, let me first try to paint a picture of where we’re at in terms of the tour plan.

So first of all, our flights are booked. We’re leaving on September 2nd. We land in Los Angeles where the plan is to buy tour necessities; a bunch of amps and a hire van. Then the tour begins… we’re basically doing a giant Z across the country. Quite fitting really.

We’ll firstly make our way up the west coast to Seattle, then head South-East(ish) to Houston, then up to Chicago, before finally heading to New York and the east coast - with about a million shows in-between. Ok, more like 40 shows, but we’ll still be covering A LOT of ground, and be putting A LOT of k’s under the belt (well, miles technically). Pretty much gonna go something like, play a show, get in the van, drive to the next town, play a show, get in the van, etc. By the end of the tour our bodies, minds, gentle spirits and supple wallets will all be trembling… And we can’t wait! It’s going to be the time of our lives; we’re all really excited.

BUT (cue shameless plug) we need a bit of a helping hand financially. Because after purchasing flights, back-line and a van (not to mention visas and other expensive bureaucratic shit), our collective bank accounts will have taken a relentless and unholy pounding. Albeit an awesome one, cause we’re going to get an amazing experience out of it. We’re not whinging about getting pounded, after all we’re choosing to get pounded. We’re just hoping that you guys will help soften the poundage. Which is where our pozible campaign comes in. 

It’s actually really cool to see all our buddies helping us out by chipping in what they can; it gives us a real sense of community. People we know and love (and some people we don't know) are coming together to collectively support us by providing the financial assistance we need to make this dream of ours come true. It’s really quite amazing, and we thank everyone who has helped us out thus far. You’re all fair dinkum true-blue bloody LEGENDS!

And it’s not like you’ll get nothing in return for your hard earned cash. You’ll receive one of our awesome gifts in exchange for your precious money. So dig deep people and you will be rewarded!

Please find the link below:

Thanks again everyone, we love you all.

xx Zeahorse

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