Saturday, 8 November 2014

USA Tour: Prologue

We’ve returned from the northern hemisphere, a place where the moon is up-side-down and they measure things in strange quantities like gallons and hogs heads. Which for a place with some very sensible metric ideas, such as organising the streets into blocks and labelling them by numbers, is like a bizarre ride at the contradiction carnival. BUT alas, this blog post is NOT about our wacky adventures in the land of the free, but just a little something to whet your appetite, the real dirt/gold (depends how you look at it) will be revealed over the coming weeks. This is also a chance to give a shout out to all of you who helped make our trip a reality.

So let me try and explain the weeks leading up to our departure. The idea was to play a run of shows around Sydney to raise some funds and to get gig-ready. It started with a show at Mona Pub on a Friday night with Coffin and our good buddies Milt. We hadn’t played a show for a few months, so this was a slightly strange one to come back with, but man oh man the beaches boys go hard! I’ve got a very special memory of about a dozen long-haired surf rats in the front row head banging in effortless unison. Beautiful salty, golden locks of hair flailing in time with our high-voltage rock moves (HA!); so perfect it had an almost choreographed feel.

The next show was the very next night, our fundraiser show at Sashimi warehouse in Marrickville. A very special night for us. Firstly what a great venue, it was the perfect place for us to have our fundraiser and the turn out we got for it was extremely humbling. I’d like to thank everyone who came out to that show, it was a really special moment for us and hands down one of our best shows ever. Not only did we play with some of our favourite local bands, Ok Cocaine, The Nuclear Family, and Reckless Vagina, but it was a real tear-jerker moment to be in a room full of people and feel so supported by our home town. It really meant a lot to have our Sydney faithful show up and help us fuel the adventure we were about to embark on. Our good buddy Jack made a film clip with footage from that night, so post comments on facebook until someone puts it up.

The following weekend we played in Woolongong, our first time in The Gong. We were deflowered at Rad Café & Bar with Hound, Miners, and The Nuclear Family. Solid line-up. And kudos to The Gong locals for what was a good turn out and a fun show. Then the next night we were at Brighton Up Bar for the 1am slot. It was our last show before leaving for the states and was a good vibe to finish on. The vibe was so good we got half naked for half a set of skinny white-boy ghost rock (there may or may not be footage of this on you tube, ladies).

And that was it, we were ready. We’d had a good run of shows leading up to our departure, were gig hardened, had raised some funds and were ready to unleash our sausage-roll rock upon North America. And although we hit a few minor snags with our visa processing (and by minor I mean hugely expensive and time wasting) which somewhat squashed our momentum, we were super pumped to begin our adventure.

So we’d like to express our most heart felt “good on ya cobber!” to everyone who supported us. As I’m sure everyone knows, we ran a successful crowd funding campaign before we left, which we can’t thank everyone enough for. We felt so loved and supported it was overwhelming, so THANKS!!!  We love you all. Your treats and goodie-bags will be dispersed soon. And stayed tuned for the next post which will actually be about the USA tour, none of this pre-trip fluff.

xx Zeahorse

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